Morgan Demarest is a twenty-three year old fashion diva who has a passion for shopping, stilettos, and indulgence.

But her spree-filled life takes a life-altering turn when her fiery artist lover tosses Morgan and her precious designer wardrobe out of his Chicago loft. Having been raised by well-meaning parents who swooped in and saved the day on countless occasions, Morgan is distraught to find that safety net is now gone. As her self-centered world crumbles, Morgan is forced to take a hard look at her past, present, and future. She begins a surprising journey of self-discovery on the road to a new life—in the company of a 21st century Fairy Godmother who has her own set of rules.

Social etiquette versus social networking

October 18th, 2012|0 Comments

Last week, I was out with a couple of my friends when a group of strangers pulled out their cells to start videoing our good time. Now, mind you, I know that the three of […]

Why you can – and should – go home again.

September 14th, 2012|1 Comment

Last week, I had the pleasure of returning back to my hometown. It was such a blessing. I drove past the first home I ever purchased on my own. It was still the same obnoxious […]

Firefighters Are Bad for the Stiletto Budget!

September 1st, 2012|2 Comments

I knew something was amiss when my team was strangely silent.  Obviously something was not quite right.  As I walked out of my office, my heart skipped a beat when my eyes landed squarely on […]

My brief affair

August 18th, 2012|1 Comment

Last month, I had an affair. Although it was brief, it was amazing—not cheap, not tawdry. I cheated on my gorgeous Prada clutch for a sparkling Chanel handbag. I couldn’t help myself. The Chanel was beckoning […]

This is a great read for women (and at least one guy I know) entering the workplace or maybe looking to change directions. This is a story about tough love, making your own decisions, picking yourself up, and moving forward.
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This book shows you an easy way to setup your career/life roadmap while entertaining you along the way with the story of Morgan Demarest and her fairy Godmother. I couldn’t put the book down.
I just finished Stiletto 911 and absolutely loved it! The book is charming, engaging and fun while being motivational and inspirational (much like Morgan herself). A true modern-day Cinderella story–women rescue themselves!
Cara C
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Stiletto 911:The Makeover Manifesto

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